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Why Professional Website Design Will Help Your Business Make Money
Because you get what you pay for.
Do-it-yourself website tools are tempting to the business that wants to get their site up and running as quickly as possible. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and seem to deliver a quality product. Why wait a few weeks to have a professional website design custom-built for you when your site could be live in a couple of days?
Because you get what you pay for.

Website builders like Wix, Go Daddy, and others are easy to use because they limit the amount of customization that’s possible with your website. You pick a template and add your content, just like every other business that uses the service. This means that your site will look fairly similar to the millions of other websites designed using the tool. This works against you if you’re trying to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Your ability to optimize your website for performance is also hampered. Optimization is difficult. It takes a thorough understanding of the mechanics behind web design to fine-tune for speed and for search engines. By necessity DIY tools have to ignore this, otherwise, they wouldn’t be easy to use.
And what happens if a few years down the road you want to move your website to a different provider? You can’t. Your website is held captive by the service that designed it.

In the end, website building tools trade convenience and price for nearly all of the other features that are actually important. You may spend less upfront, but long term you’re hampering your website's ability to build your business. And that's why you need a website, right?
Professional Website Design Is Far More Valuable
If you needed surgery, would you look for an inexpensive, do-it-yourself medical kit? Sure you could save money, but there are other, dramatically more important costs that you’d be ignoring.

Website design, while not life-threatening, is similar in many ways. Your website is your business’s portal to the world. It’s the destination that all of your marketing efforts drive prospects to. If it doesn’t properly capture the elements that make your business unique, your messages will fall flat.

Your website has to capture a visitor’s attention in a matter of seconds. That’s how long it takes for someone to form an opinion about your company. If those first few seconds are spent waiting for your site to load, you’ve already lost some of them. Others will turn away immediately if there nothing interesting on your page to catch their eye.

When seconds count, and they do, you need a professional website design to help you stand out.
A Custom Website is More Cost-Effective
A professionally-designed website focuses heavily on SEO, content quality, site structure, code efficiency, and speed optimizations. All of the things the search engines like Google are looking for. This means more organic (read: free) web traffic coming to your site.

They also deliver a unique visual experience that loads quickly, attracts attention immediately, and keeps viewers engaged. This promises that your increased traffic will stick around to find out more about you.

You’ll pay more for a professional website design. But you’d pay a lot more for a real surgeon as well, and you’d do it gladly. Why? Because you get a lot more of what you’re looking for.

With a professional website, your investment pays for itself many times over and then keeps bringing you customers, contacts, and exposure. You’ll get a powerful tool for lead generation that’s equally effective on desktops and mobile devices. Your website will be tuned for performance and built to showcase your unique selling proposition.

Stated again, you get what you pay for. Don’t pay less for a website that delivers very little. Pay more and get a destination that will help scale your business rapidly.

You’re not a surgeon and you’re not a web designer. It’s far better to let a professional do both of these jobs for you.
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